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Featured Businesses That Use Menier Tax Service

007 La Crepera is an awesome catering business that also has Taco Stands throughout the city of San Bernardino and other local area’s. They are still fairly new but already taking off in just year number two of business. If you ask me why, it’s simple, their food is that delicious. If you’re locally nearby, or come out to visit, you have to check out their instagram and see where they’re at. The catering prices are unbelievable compared to the quality of service and the excellent homemade food.

Review4you3 is a website that promotes various products in different niches to appease multiple audiences. Their goal is to only promote the best products and services, so before they even promote anything, their team tests out various products and services and goes over the pro’s and con’s of whatever product or service they all tested, each one tests a different product in the same category, then votes on the best one and promotes it on their website. The creator of the site is working on a sales course and will be launching that soon. 

Now this is an Antique/collectable/thrift store Heaven. They have so many products I’m not surprised they don’t have a website, it would take quite some time to add everything to it. Also if you are from the Area you know about Joes Place, He’s been in business for a very long time. He buy’s and sells all kinds of different collectables from toys to silver. It’s an Antique Shopper’s dream spot. If you’re in the area you have to check them out.